Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome Bags

Every year, I make welcome bags for my students that go along with my classroom theme.  This year, since I have a rockstar theme, I made rockstar welcome bags.  Inside are some goodies for the students.  The bags make the students feel so special on the first day,

Here they are for you to use:

I think I originally got the idea for these on Amanda Madden's second grade website.  And I know they are a little late for the beginning of the year, but feel free to save to your Google Docs or pin to Pinterest to use next year!


  1. Is there a way to change the word Welcome, (without the guitar). I'd also like to add another stanza

  2. this is awesome!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

    Annie- 2nd Grade Teacher

  3. This is fantastic! Although I'm wondering if maybe you have a version that can be edited. There are a couple changes I would need to make. Let me know if you have one! If so, would you mind emailing it to I would really appreciate it! It's so precious.

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